Website Maintenance Services

Protect your 24/7 salesperson from hackers and supply it with up-to-date business information.

Our Website Maintenance Services

A well-maintained website is a well-prepared salesperson who works 24/7. Use your website to generate additional revenue and learn from and about your customers.

Afraid to get hacked?

We’ll install the WordPress core, plugin, theme, and security updates and protect your website from hackers around the world. Since WordPress core, plugins, and themes are developed by different people and companies, sometimes the updates might break your website. After every update, we’ll make sure that your website is as usable as it was before and all your forms work properly.

Need regular content updates?

Use our Search Engine Optimization services to make sure that everything you publish on your website positively affects your search presence.

Advantages of Keeping Your Website Up-To-Date

  • Communicate with your current and potential customers
  • Get the most out of your marketing investments
  • Keep your business information up to date
  • Protect your website from hackers
  • Show your customers that you care

Our 5-Step Website Maintenance Process

01: Evaluation

As WordPress experts, we  would like to go over your website and give you suggestions on what your website is missing and what needs to be done.

02: Planning

We will create a website maintenance plan and schedule that includes your needs and WordPress best practices.

03: Development

This is where we implement the updates & changes. Usually we set up a test website, where we test the changes & updates before applying them to your website.

04: Clean Up

After we implement the updates and changes, we will clean up your website including the database, broken links, unnecessary code, etc.

05: Testing

In this phase we test your website to make sure that it functions properly and create a backup.

Why Choose Tech Zone?

Experienced web developers

Experienced web developers

Our web developers have all the necessary skills, experience, tools, and tricks to maintain your website and protect it from hackers. We invest in our staff by providing them with the necessary website maintenance training.

team working together on a plan

We have a plan

Our 5-step website maintenance process covers every detail of protecting your website from hackers and rolling out the content updates in a timely manner.

in-house professionals working together

In-House Work Only

We are not the middleman who outsources the work. Every professional, who will work on your project has the skills, knowledge, experience, and training to get the project done.

Website Maintenance Portfolio Item

Seka Moving is a moving company in New York City that offers local, commercial, long-distance, and fine-art moving services. They truly care about their clients and provide exceptional customer service.

We maintain the company’s website, integrate 3rd party services, create new pages, and post relevant blog posts.

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